22 Nov

A couple of days ago, my daughter got sick. Since she couldn't go to school, in the afternoon she started to watch some videos on YouTube. And since I'm a careful mother, aware of what internet might become for an eleven years old kid, I asked her to show me what she was looking at.

And I got stunned!

While some people lose their time with senseless discussions about the language their kids should speak at school (and I'm thinking about the Catalan and other Spanish dialects), my daughter was watching videos about cars of the future. That's how I discovered, because of her, the Haval SUV with nuclear propulsion, the Mercedes Benz family van, the BMW or Rolls Royce of the future or the innovative sphere wheels of Good Year. Also, some futuristic  mobile phones and other devices.

Don't think that she's just watching; she fully understands the English description of each and every car or phone, since she had started to learn English when she was only four years old. I'm amazed each time she solves English university grammar exercises of her brother or when she's talking with a perfect American English accent. The new fun time between the two of them is to talk Victorian period English style or with Australian accent (my son) and responding with southern American accent, my daughter. Just like they are doing when speaking with Andalucía Spanish accent.  If I hadn't known they were born in Romania, I would swear they are native speakers of Spanish or English.

All that , because her brother and I were speaking English when we wouldn't want her to understand some things, for being too young. And one day, while we were talking, she suddenly told us "so, that's what you're thinking to do for my birthday!", in Spanish, then started to laugh. The two of us, too.  It's how we realized it will no longer work to keep secrets from her, using English, and that it will be better to practice with her, too. Their new hobby is French, since her brother started to learn it last year, at the university.

Which means that they´ll have  very extended  job market opportunities in the future.  

The conclusion is that the future will belong to this kind of kids. When those awesome cars will be reality, I'll probably won't be alive. But I'm happy to know that it was one day when an eleven years old girl showed them to me. And that I raised and educated two kids whose minds are thinking freely, despite of some "advices" I received, suggesting me to let them be free, whatever that suggestion might've meant.

As a matter of fact, they are as free as to choose the schools where they are going to study: a Catholic school founded  many, many years ago by Catalan nuns in Madrid ( ironic, isn't it?) and the University where our King has studied.

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