02 Nov


Some years ago, a Prince became the King of the Kingdom of Spain: Philip VI.

Since then, some have doubted his competence, others denied it, directly. It seemed that what mattered the most were the appearances in the court, inside or outside of Spain, from an esthetic viewpoint, of the new Royal Family. It seemed that everything was becoming a contest of attires between the foreign Queens and First Ladies with which the Kings of Spain would meet.

Until the day of His Majesty’s speech  on Cataluña and the return to respecting the laws that govern any country.

He became the more-than-authorized voice of his people, the authentic moral authority, above any interest or strategy, be it political, partisan or mass-media.

He knew how to understand and talk, in only six minutes, about all the real anxieties of those whose representative he is, “the people”, with firmness, with words that leave no room for doubts or interpretations. Even more so, he knew how to see and understand the whole domino that would’ve been put into motion all throughout Europe through the independence declaration of Cataluña.

For all of this and for other things, “the people”, his people, on the 12th of October, Day of the Hispanity, knew how to stay at his side, and so it will remain. (A special moment took place at the end of the military parade, that day, when in a subway station the people waiting for the train start yelling "Long life to Spain!", "Long life to the King!", "Long life to the Police, Civil Guard and Army")

The best homage, the true homage worthy of the victims of the terrorist attack in Barcelona was the one that took place in the Plaza de Lima, in Madrid, with a King truly shaken to the brink of tears, that he did not let go, while “Death is not the end” ("La muerte no es el final"),  was being played. And it is very good that he did it, because politics, since some years ago, has become a swarm of smiles, laughter, hugs and dances, or in a valley of tears (because “men cry, too”). And if not that, then fists lifted high that would then become blocks of concrete flying towards the Police, in destroyed urban estates, in trash bins burnt on the street and broken or painted storefronts.

And in front of the King, who?

A chess player (novice, like a pawn), that lost the key -even if he never had it- to the box that keeps the pieces.

In spite of having been visited in Cataluña –about 30 times- by a real King, by his King, the novice chess player dreamt of being king himself over all the pieces. And so that it can’t be said that he has dreams too high to achieve, he wanted to be solely the President of Cataluña.

Mister Puigdemont had forgotten that he is  representing the Kingdom of Spain in Cataluña, since the territorial mark of the country was made this way. He had forgotten that, once being named as representative of one part of Spain, he is representing all the Spanish people living there, in close relation with the others territorial representatives of other Spanish province and had forgotten that  all of these representatives of  Cataluña, Andalucía, Galicia, etc. are, in a hierarchical order, underneath the Spanish Government and the King.

For us to understand this better, it is as if the Prefect of Vaslui, a Romanian county, wanted to become the president of Vaslui, ignoring the laws of Romania, of the Government and of the President of a country in which Vaslui is just a small, small part.

Just as they have forgotten that His Majesty, The King, is the Supreme Chief of all end every single one of the Armed Forces of the State (Police, Army, Civil Guard, the territorial police corps of every Spanish province).

The only doubt that remains is if the dream of a few has the right to become the nightmare of a whole Continent, Europe.

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