"Mi vida ha sido una larga y leal espera" - HM Michael of Romania

06 Dec

Yesterday was as if my grandfather died again. All the winter evenings and nights are coming back to my memory. I remember the nights when he'd tell me stories about his childhood, about singing the Romanian anthem each morning, at the beginning of the classes; how they were doing crazy things that kids do, but most of all, I remember his eyes, when he'd sing the anthem.

The blue of his eyes would become even more blue for the tears appearing when singing. For his past childhood, for the memories,  maybe. Now, after all that time and having ceased to be a little girl, I know my grandfather's tears were for a time when Romania represented a lot on the European map. His tears were  for a time when the  struggle to achieve something, to become someone, was guaranteed, in spite of growing up in a village or somewhere else. And I have many examples in my family to prove it.

And most of all, for the principles that guided the life of a man who put his country above everything else.

Seeing the video below,  His Majesty's words become somewhat prophetic for the times we all are passing through.


"No veo la Rumanía de hoy como una herencia de nuestros padres, sino como un país que ha sido tomado prestado de nuestros hijos.

Las cosas más importantes a adquirir, después de libertad  y democracia, son la identidad y la dignidad.

Mi vida ha sido una larga y leal espera. La espera de que Europa vuelva sobre sus pies, la espera de que Rumanía vuelva a sí misma.

A pesar de que he estado lejos de vosotros por más de 45 años, jamás os he olvidado y os quiero con todo mi corazón.

Es apropiado que resistamos al presente y nos preparemos el futuro."

"I don't see the actual Romania as a heirloom from our parents, but as a country that has been borrowed from our children.

The most important things to achieve, next to liberty and democracy, are the identity and dignity.

My life has been a long and loyal waiting. Waiting for Europe to come to its senses, waiting for Romania to come back to its own self.

Although I've been away from you for more than 45 years, I have never forgotten you and I love you with all my heart.

It's proper for us to resist the present and to prepare our future."



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