So … sick and tired of “progress” I

06 Jul

I’m tired of being forced to be a feminist, without being a woman.

A woman, a real one, loves life in all its forms and wouldn’t agree to be manipulated by those who said are defending it, but at the same time, are approving lows enforcing the abortion and euthanasia.

Maybe because I’ve naturally lost some kids and others by being induced to, with the classical “we don’t have this, that and the other”. When we’ve got our first child, we were recently graduated university people – no jobs, no house, no incomes. Even so, I’ve decided to keep my kid and from the first salary, his dad bought him the stroller. We lived in rented houses, like so many others  but our kid, as tall as his father now, with only five years old was reading the news scrolling on the TV screen, with ten years old was going to and winning his first English language contest and with only fourteen, he was translating the poems of his mother.

Thank God that he survived and get borne.

 Almost two years before, just in the week before our civil wedding, I’ve woke up in the morning surrounded by a lake of blood, losing my first baby. Lucky that in those times the mobile phone was still a luxury and my mom didn’t knew that I was hospitalized a whole week, not until one day before saying “yes” to my husband. I still remember that young woman so in love with her husband and with her kid to come, crying while some other young women, doctors, were asking “What have you done, to be like this?” I still remember the tone of their voices, the way they were looking at me.

Exactly the way other women are looking at me now, because I don’t agree with their loudly protests against.

Against what? Against the right of a child to be born?

Imagine, since we are all living into the politically correctness of a song, that Newton, Pascal, Vivaldi, not even Jesus Christ would’ve get borne. Nor I’ll mention the great medical scientists. Who would’ve cure TBC, who would’ve discover penicillin? Who would’ve made the first transplant or imagine that Bill Gates, Steve Jobs wouldn’t get borne? And of course, who would’ve invented artificial insemination or sex change surgery?

At the other pole, why are all interested in the wellbeing of the old population, on looking of fifty years old, when we are in seventies, and at the same time approving euthanasia lows?

So, some of us are against of the death penalty, but at the same time those “some” want to apply it, dissimulated under a euthanasia low, to our elders?

How many death penalties are applying in the world, and how many elders will be “helped to die”? And who will decide for you when you should die? With 70’s, with 80’s, after you suffer two years of Alzheimer or after 10 years?

Because I assume that, if you don’t believe in God, the only persons entitled to decide if you deserve to live or to die, are your parents. They were conceiving you, raised you, educated and helped you. So they are the only ones capable to decide if your life worth to be lived or not.

Usually, the parents are dying before, which means that no other person has the right  to decide over your life.  Not a doctor, not a judge, not a political social engineering movement.

Just as I, as a parent, I’m free to choose what kind of educational model I want for my children.

If I choose a religious, a private, semi-private or public school, it’s only my business and nobody else’s.

The progress, the real one, means to allow and to assume that any parent can and may send their kids to the kind of school they choose.

The other way is only a dictatorial model of school, of teaching or understanding life – the dictatorship of the “politically correct”, more and more visible now a days.

All the tasks, slogans, movements of the “politically correctness” are converting us into an amorphous mass, without identity and the only “identity” available, that make you recognizable by others, is the one that a group to whom you’re belonging, is giving you. If you belong to none, bad luck.

It’s even worse when you get to understand what and why are happening all sorts of things in the world surrounding you.

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